“The Science and Ceremony of Water Imprinting” with Beth Blair of Seamless Living NC and Carly Huff Sink of VibesUp Winston-Salem
Saturday, February 22, 2020 4:30- 6:00
Wellspring Healing, 163 Stratford Court, Ste. 201, Winston-Salem
Cost: $15/person

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! If you missed it the first time, we are offering it on Saturday afternoon! Claim your spot!

Water is a powerful tool of ceremony, ritual, healing and there is science behind the healing power of water. Dr. Emoto said, “I have come to the conclusion through my many years of research that water changes its quality according to the information it takes in.” Join Beth and Carly as they share the fun and powerful ways to “charge”, “code” and “imprint” water with crystals, color, words, and heart intentions. Please bring a glass or mug that is special to you. We can create simple and meaningful ceremony with our presences, practice and awareness. You are welcome to bring your favorite crystals, although not required.

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Become Your Own Architect
Sunday March 22nd, 2-4pm
Wellspring Healing, 163 Stratford Court, Ste. 201, Winston-Salem, NC

In this fun and interactive workshop with Beth Blair and Carly Huff Sink, come learn more about yourself and how you can build and create a life of your dreams. This is not your typical manifestation workshop, we are going deep with this one 🙂

We are going to cover topics such as:

– DNA/Ancestral healing and why this is important for releasing old patterns that are not working for you
– What is embracing the shadow, and how can this assist in creating a new life AND perspective on reality
– Subconscious programming and why this is important for how to perceive our reality and the choices we make
– How to recognize energetic mirrors in our environment around us and use them as lessons to move forward so we do not make the same mistakes over and over again

Come learn more about these topics as well as ways to clear, reset, and remove energetic blocks that may be holding you back.

Take back your control and lean to recognize the patterns rapidly and with ease.

You are the Architect of YOUR Universe. Come learn how to take charge!

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Seamless Movement

Seamless Movement classes are designed to bring balance and overall wellness to the participants. Using moves from a variety of Tai Chi and QiGong forms, Beth incorporates the practicality of basic everyday ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). Simple principles, like getting out of a chair without rocking or using hands, are the foundation of this class. There is no need to make it complicated. Many of the class participants are over the age of 65. While this is marketed as a class for “seniors”, everyone can benefit from these simple and practical movements. Moving slowly is a powerful tool for improving balance, building strength and bringing peace to the mind.

Beth developed this class format after teaching in the fitness environment for many years. When she shifted the venue to church fellowship halls, many of her class participants weren’t ready for the fitness model. Seamless Movement is a WELLNESS model. Meaning any amount of movement is beneficial. These moves can be adapted to sitting in a chair. Students have come to this class with walkers, canes and even wheel chairs. The class and movements can be adapted for anyone.

There are only a few “RULES” of the class. The first rule, “You have the right to refuse.” Stop when your body wants to stop. You don’t have to do deep squats for them to be effective. Remember, “a body in motion stays in motion.” The second rule is to have fun. Laughter is part of the class.  Laughter improves breathing and oxygen intake. It also improves mood and outlook. Your movement doesn’t have to look like Beth’s or anyone else in the class.

The class format is 50-55 minutes of movement, meditation and instruction.  Chairs are used, and stationary standing is also encouraged. Quieting the mind with short meditation, breathing techniques and reflections bring balance to the mind and the body. Beth also includes some basic anatomy and educational information of the “whys” of the movements.

Benefits of this Class:

  • Body in motion stays in motion
  • Quieting the mind heals the heart
  • Improvement of basic ADLs (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Breathing is essential
  • Improves balance as a practice of awareness, knowing it is always changing.
  • Builds on traditional practices of Tai Chi and QiGong, making movement modifications of health and mobility issues.
  • Brings awareness to posture and breathing habits
  • Easy and effective movements

Beth has practiced Tai Chi and QiGong for more than 12 years. She has studied Medical QiGong, Tai Chi for Arthritis, various Tai Chi forms and philosophy to bring practical knowledge and wellness to her Seamless Movement Class.

This is a weekly class with a drop-in format. You can join anytime.

Find a class near you!

QiGong for Women

QiGong for Women was designed to empower women with an ancient practice for healing and longevity. This is an 8-week class with each class building on community, practices, theory and movement. 

Small class size and home studio environment supports the development of community, sharing and collective healing. Each participant is met with compassion, encouragement, and love to create ripples of change, wherever they are.

Cost of this class is on a donation basis. Pay what your heart says. Typical studio class rate $10-20/person. 8-week commitment is required because of the nature of the community building and relationship fostering for healing. Contact Beth for next class start date.