Seamless Living NC

Seamless Living was created by Beth Blair, NC LMBT, Intuitive and Somatic Coach and Artist from the premise that meaningful and mindful living can be seamless. Focusing on the acronym SEAMLESS: Somatic, Energy Awareness, Meaningful (or Mindful) Living, Engaging Senses & Spirit. This is the approach of all bodywork sessions, coaching sessions, business mentoring meetings, networking, art projects, and everything else engaging Beth. Life may not always be easy, yet it can always be SEAMLESS.

Coaching. Connecting. Creating.


Some people call it life coaching, some call it intuitive coaching, Beth employs Somatic Coaching techniques that are life changing and intuitive. Looking at patterns and postures; incorporating tools like the I-Ching, Human Design charts and movement practices; Beth brings  multidimensional approach to the art of coaching. Licensed for 11 years as a massage and bodywork therapist with extensive training in Somatic Education and Leadership and 15 plus years in the study of QiGong and Tai Chi; Beth listens to the body. The body cannot lie and holds a vast library of information. “The posture of the body is the stance of the mind” (and vice versa) – Deane Juhan. Employing active listening, bringing awareness to postural habits and patterns,  interrupting these postural patterning and breathing patterns will help empower the client’s vision, dream and healing. Mentoring is a relationship of giving and receiving. It is learning, together, with a teacher/coach who provides guidance from insight and experience. Mentoring is a deeper part of the coaching model that many leave out of the equation for success. Beth invests in each client by building and fostering relationship through coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is a process that is not a “one and done” session.  Beth will craft an individual coaching plan with the client’s healing and growth goals and budget in mind. Coaching is a partnership. Coaching is more than a conversation…it is a process.


Through bodywork, movement or conversations connecting is a powerful healing tool. It is a way that bring meaning, understanding and support in any type of relationship. Connecting the dots of the story, the pain and healing process, bringing light to the seemingly insignificant is part of each session and has profound results. Beth is a connector! She connects with people, whether they are client, colleague, student or stranger in the grocery store. She connects the details and brings light to the hidden places of healing. She is a seer of patterns and employs various tools to help her clients make connections. Presence is a gift that connecting brings. Presence is also a key component in the healing process and the mentoring relationship. No person heals another. The body does the healing with the support of healing modalities, conversations, presence, patience and understanding. A true “healer” knows this, understands this and supports the client in the healing process.

Connect with Beth


There are many things that get created in Beth’s Seamless Living approach. Fostering relationships, conversations, appreciation of art, opportunities for healing and the encouragement of self-discovery are a few things that are created with an encounter with Beth. There is always something new that Beth is learning, sharing or creating and she is always willing to share.

Beth sees clients by appointment only.  Her sessions are crafted to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.  She doesn’t have a set menu of services or add-on pricing for various techniques.  Beth feels that each session is a segment of the healing process.  When booking, please allow 90-minutes for your session.  A session is between 60-90 minutes.  Healing is a wholistic process and cannot be defined by time.  Pacing is determined by the conversation and collaboration with the client.