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Synergy is the key to a SEAMLESS Session. Beth blends what is needed for her client at the time of the session and incorporates various healing techniques. The use of essential oils, depth of pressure, Reiki/energy work, hot stones, warm towel, range of motion and/or education will create a personalized session for the client. There is never an upcharge for what may seem like an extra. The session is planned based on the conversation with the client.  Please allow up to 90 minutes for your session.



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Coaching is not counseling. The purpose of coaching is to assist the client in identifying patterns, whether somatic or habitual, and creating steps to bring about a desired change. Usually, the client creates a vision statement or a set of goals to attain over a set period of time. This is not completed in one session. Based on the goal, a coaching schedule and timeline is created with the client and an agreement is made for the number of sessions. Bodywork can be incorporated into these sessions as it is very effective in releasing movement patterns in the body.




Specialized workshops and educational topics can be created for specific groups. Beth also collaborates with other professionals on presentation materials and workshops.  Contact Beth directly for your workshop needs.  See the calendar page for listings of classes, workshops and other educational events.




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