Seamless Movement – Tai Chi for Wellness

Movement is vital to wellness. Practice of basic movement can and will improve balance, range of motion and overall wellbeing. Tai Chi and QiGong are two Asian movement practices that improve wellness. Usually choreographed into a form (series of movements), the result benefits the entire body and mind.  The pace of each movement requires discipline of very slow movement coordinated with the breath. There are many studies illustrating the benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong for overall wellness.

Seamless Movement (Tai Chi For Wellness), taught by Beth Blair,  is a blending of Tai Chi, QiGong, somatic practices and patterning to improve activities of daily living.  By practicing in a friendly community without the pressure of “doing it right”, participants will benefit simply by being in the room.  Each person practices from where they are on that given day.  Chairs are used, not only for those that cannot stand for long periods of time, but to bring practical use of movement.  Do not discount movements practiced from a seated positon, this bring different challenges, strength and balance. Laughter, encouragement and community are the center of each class.  Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves once they get familiar with these basic moves.  Usually the challenge is in slowing down.   The slower you go the harder it is.  This is a process that will improve over time. The use of different movements on the left and right sides of the body help with brain function and quieting the busy mind.  Generally, moves are taken for the Shibashi 18 QiGong form, 5 Animal Frolic, 8 Piece Brocade and Meridian Qigong. In this format, all fitness/wellness levels can participate and benefit.

Cost of the class is “suggested” $5/person. No one will be turned away for non-payment.
Where are these Classes?

NO 1:00 CLASS TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 19th at Konnoak due to schedule conflict.  ALL OTHER CLASSES will be held.

Tuesdays 11am, Unity Moravian, 8300 Concord Church Road, Lewisville, NC
(Enter the middle, single door to the Fellowship Hall)
Tuesdays at 1:00, Konnoak Hills Moravian Church, 3401 Konnoak Drive, Winston Salem, NC (Use back parking lot of N. Rhyne Ave)
Tuesdays at 3pm, Fairview Moravian Church, 6550 Silas Creek Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC (Large Lower parking lot, under covered entry for the Fellowship Hall)
Thursdays at 10am, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1416 Bolton Street, Winston Salem, NC (Fellowship Hall is on the Left)

Class cancellations for inclement weather follow WS/Forsyth County School Closings

“Body in Motion stays in motion.” Newton’s Law of Inertia

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

Would you like Beth to bring this class to your workplace, wellness center or community center?  Contact Beth for more information.


Usui Holy Fire ReikiReiki-One

Based in the tradition of Master Usui, Usui Holy Fire Reiki is an evolution that was developed by William Rand and the Center for International Reiki Training. It stays true to the Reiki ideal of Master Usui. “Holy Fire is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. (W. Rand)

Classes are taught in levels allowing time for the student to learn techniques and align with the Reiki energy. Classes are a blend of lecture, discussion, and experiential.

Student_Teacher_QuoteContact Beth to discuss your Reiki Training or to have a Reiki Class in your area, wellness center, community center or workplace.




“Me-Time Energy Therapy”

I have created a NEW Workshop call “Me-Time Energy Therapy”.  This is a basic class in subtle energy. I have been studying many energy modalities for more than 15 years.  As the saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense”.  To combat all the stimulus around us, we must find ourselves and the frequencies that are home to us.  Learning to align with basic energy practices for the Self can help each of us connect and heal the “ME” that we, individually, are!  These classes are the equivalent to a level one Reiki or Healing Touch Class.  The purpose is for you to treat yourself with “Me-Time” through your connection to subtle energy.  We will use meditation, movement and ceremonial alignments to foster your awakening to Energy that has always been around you.

Who should attend these classes?

  • Individuals seeking to take better care of themselves
  • Those curious about learning Energy Therapies but aren’t ready to commit to one modality of study.
  • The empathic healer needing the reminder to care for your “ME” first before helping others.

Class Dates and times: Next Classes coming soon

 SHAPE…Somatic Healing Awakening Purpose and Expression

Have you ever felt there is something inside that needs to wake up? Are you looking for a way to express yourself in a different way? Take SHAPE…Somatic Healing Awakening Purpose and Expression to assist you in this discovery. SHAPE uses movement, meditation, dialogue and inquiry to bring forward or wake up your purpose and find the tools to express it. You will create a visual expression to take away with you and continue the SHAPE experience.

What is taking SHAPE in your life right now? Are you ready to explore it? Contact Beth to have this workshop at your wellness center, community center or workplace.

Movement, Meditation and Momentum

Supporting your SELF with the 3Ms

Half-Day, Day, or Multi-Day Workshop Designed Especially for your Group

Movement is used to free the physical body from holding patterns. It can bring awareness to areas in the body that may be limited from a variety of things, not limited to beliefs, fears, trauma, injury, or lack of connection. Movement frees the body, mind and spirit from stress and tension. Movement will be done individually or with partners. Somatic practices, breath work, Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises will be used. Movements are generally easy for all health and fitness levels, adaptions can always be made.

Meditation is a practice from many traditions. This workshop will use a variety of meditations techniques. The most difficult aspect of meditation is getting to the pillow. Meditation exercises in this workshop will vary from moving meditation, sitting or standing. There may be some incorporation of breath work, sound/toning, posture changes and directional ques.

Momentum is the aspect of this workshop that will be determined and defined by the participant. Through the structure of the movements, meditations, self-reflection time and discussions; the participant’s energy will be gathered, passions stirred and focus directed for continuing the work started here in this workshop setting.




Are you at a place in your life of great change or transition? Are you wanting something different, but feel stuck? What are the questions that are stirring deep within? Come Repurpose your questions, ideas and thoughts through the use of movement and creative art to connect or redefine your inner purpose.

Are you ready to Repurpose? Contact Beth to have this workshop at your wellness center, community center or workplace.

 Tools For Seamless Living 

Registration Required, Cost $55/series
New Dates coming Soon

Tools for SEAMLESS Living is a 5-part Series,  This is an organic workshop/class idea based on the foundation of SEAMLESS: Somatic, Energy Awareness, Meaningful Living, Engaging Senses and Spirit.

This second series will have a focus on using the senses to engage change, explore the self and empower awareness. Ancient tools for awakening such as QiGong, I Ching, and other practices will be used as well. The focusing on the senses, the triad of Meditation, Concentration and Contemplation will be used as methods for gaining wisdom and knowledge about ourselves. Using this new awareness of the Self, goals can be set and movement can be used to unlock the potentiality that is inside of each individual.

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Other Team Building & Personal Development Workshops

Beth can work with small groups on specific problem solving, team building or personal development. Contact Beth to create a specialize workshop for your group!



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