Simply Seamless: A Shift to Somatic Therapy

Simply Seamless: A Shift to Somatic Therapy

By Beth Blair

Somatic is defined as of the body, affecting the body or relating to the body. My somatic work is all centered around helping others come to their individual felt experience. This is a definition and principle of my bodywork practice that I have held for years.  AND, there is more to it.  Somatic Therapy is how I am now classifying my work and my sessions. It is not just the countless techniques I have learned and will continue to learn.  It is not a set limit of time or number of treatments. It is not telling a person how it is for them, what intuition comes that MUST be true or even sharing the kinesthetic information that comes to me. It IS an offering of sacred space to heal on a cellular and spiritual level. It is connecting to and through the body, the Energy and the Spirit. It is allowing integration of touch therapies, energy therapies, coaching and REST. It is offering unconditional Love in each encounter. It is changing my heart’s thoughts from “If I Can Help” to “How I Can Help”, one encounter at a time, one person at a time, one student at a time…all for the greater good.

In the current model of massage therapy practices, there is a menu of services and session times for the client to choose from. Time is the limiting factor and it is a rare person that takes more than a minute on the table before they spring up, get dressed and move to the next appointment, text message or “tiger chasing” thing that can be the undoing of the Somatic Therapy. There are many times I haven’t even finished washing my hands before the treatment room door swings open and the client is ready to GO GO GO!  A few years ago, I tried to shift to this idea and educate my clients to a longer session time.  I went with 75 minutes because no-one was doing it.  It fell flat. I reverted to the traditional 60 or 90-minute session time with the client choosing the time allotment.  I feel something is getting lost and the work can be so much richer. This IS my “HOW” and I know I CAN help.

Starting December 19th, 2017, I am shifting my practice model to Somatic Therapy and “Session” format. A client will simply book a session. The session will be set with a minimum of an hour and a limit of 90 minutes based on need and guidance.  Services and treatments used will be determined at each session. Rest will be encouraged. There still is no upcharge for “add-ons” like hot stones, Energywork, crystals, essential oils, cupping, coaching or movement recommendations.  What is needed will be used in a collaborative session, connecting the client with the Soma, Spirit and Energy that is theirs.  There is a flat rate session fee and NO gratuity is expected.  This is Somatic Therapy.  This is a practice of guiding, navigating and holding space for healing.  It’s not about what the client “should” feel, know or understand. It is about Presence. This is the powerful place of healing.

The shift in the rate is an 11.5% increase over my 90-minute rate, with the new fee being $135. My booking times still fall on the even hours of Monday, Wednesday, Friday with some Saturday appointments available.  Healing happens in the space, in the breath and in the depths that we allow to come forward.  My greatest skill, I believe, is creating and holding space for healing.  The Soma of the client is the Healer. I listen and communicate with the Soma to facilitate the discussion. These discussions are SEAMLESS.

My practice tenants are SEAMLESS: Somatic, Energy Awareness, Meaningful Living, Engaging Senses and Spirit.  I am simplifying my services into 3 categories: Seamless Sessions, Seamless Learning and Seamless Creativity.  I have already explained the Seamless Sessions, which can be purchased individually or in blocks of 3.  Seamless Learning is the focus of Seamless Reiki (a year long program to learn Reiki), Seamless Movement (formerly Tai Chi for Wellness), and Seamless Workshops (various topics and collaborations with other wellness practitioners).  Seamless Creativity is my passion for the healing energy of my  abstract art and sharing this creativity through the selling of these paintings. There will be detailed information on my website ( about each of these areas of my practice by December 19th, 2017.

It is my heartfelt hope that this model will support you on your journey, your healing and your Self-discovery…connecting you with your “How You Can Help” the world and the joy-filled wonder of living. Peace and Blessings.