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Reiki Offerings, Circles and Classes

“The secret art of inviting happiness, The miraculous medicine of all diseases. Just for today, do not be angry. Do not worry and be filled with gratitude. Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people (and all living things). Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart, and chant these words with your mouth.  Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind.” Founder, Master Usui Mikao


Seamless Reiki: A Year of Reiki Training starting 2018

Seamless Reiki is designed to support those interested and committed to learning Reiki over the course of ONE year.  Each level is spread out over the year and Reiki Circles, discussions and practice sessions are offered in between the trainings.  Seamless Reiki creates a supportive community of other Reiki students and practitioners to share, foster and grow the Reiki experience. This class is not just for those looking to offer Reiki in a healing environment.  You will see the benefit of Reiki in every aspect of Life.

  • Small class sizes, 3-8 people
  • Tradition of Usui Reiki with the evolution of Holy Fire (Usui Holy Fire designation)
  • Self-care practices: self-treatment, Qigong exercises, meditations
  • Community: Reiki Circles, practice sessions, discussion groups
  • Monthly payment option available
  • 2 Reiki/Mentor Sessions with Master/Teacher, Beth Blair

Come experience, learn and share this “gentle art of inviting happiness.” Steeped in the rich tradition of Master Usui, Seamless Reiki is taught with the evolution of Holy Fire.  Reiki is never stagnant and supports our changing times.  Bring the Holy Fire of Reiki to your home, work or community environments with Love and healing. Reiki is not just for the “healers” at heart, it is for Every Heart.

Calendar of Classes and Circles:

Month 1 – Reiki One
Month 2 – Reiki Two
Month 6 – Advanced Reiki Techniques
Month 11 – Reiki Master

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month – Reiki Circle (details below)

3 scheduled TBD – Discussion meetings

2 private Mentor/Reiki Sessions with Beth (scheduled individually)

(Contact Beth for 2018 Class Dates)

Class sizes are between 3-8 students to allow for individual attention and practice time. The Reiki Circles bring the students into the Reiki community to share varied styles, training levels and energy. Those curious about Reiki are also invited to the Reiki Circles, so bring a friend to a Circle.

The cost of Seamless Reiki is $1,380. Payments may be budgeted over 12 easy automatic payments of $115/month. Non-Refundable Deposit of $50 is due with Registration and payment plan agreement.

Reiki Circles:

Reiki Circles are designed for any person interested in Reiki to participate.  They are led by a Reiki Master/Teacher, so a person curious about Reiki can be as involved as well as a Reiki student, practitioner or Master.  Each Circle may have a theme or focus.  Usually, there is a group guided meditation before the Reiki “treatment” Share part of the Circle begins.

2nd Tuesday of The Month (Free)
6:30-8pm at The Wellness Collective on 5th
823 W. Fifth Street, Winston-Salem, NC
Offered by Beth Blair of Seamless Living NC
and Emily Stewart Baker of InTune Reiki

Reiki Sessions:

Beth Blair is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and Licensed by the State of North Carolina. She is an Usui Holy Fire II Master/Teacher, Celtic Reiki Mystic Master, a Karuna Holy Fire II Master Practitioner.  She offers private sessions in massage, bodywork, energywork, Reiki, Somatic Coaching and Wellness Coaching.  She is a Tai Ci and QiGong Instructor.  Beth’s office is located inside The Wellness Collective on 5th at 823 W. 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC. Sessions are by appointment only, $88/hr (Cash, Check or Card).

Seamless Movement – Tai Chi For Wellness

Movement is vital to wellness. Practice of basic movement can and will improve balance, range of motion and overall wellbeing. Tai Chi and QiGong are two Asian movement practices that improve wellness. Usually choreographed into a form (series of movements), the result benefits the entire body and mind.  The pace of each movement requires discipline of very slow movement coordinated with the breath. There are many studies illustrating the benefits of Tai Chi/Qigong for overall wellness.

Seamless Movement (Tai Chi For Wellness), taught by Beth Blair,  is a blending of Tai Chi, QiGong, somatic practices and patterning to improve activities of daily living.  By practicing in a friendly community without the pressure of “doing it right”, participants will benefit simply by being in the room.  Each person practices from where they are on that given day.  Chairs are used, not only for those that cannot stand for long periods of time, but to bring practical use of movement.  Do not discount movements practiced from a seated positon, this bring different challenges, strength and balance. Laughter, encouragement and community are the center of each class.  Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves once they get familiar with these basic moves.  Usually the challenge is in slowing down.   The slower you go the harder it is.  This is a process that will improve over time. The use of different movements on the left and right sides of the body help with brain function and quieting the busy mind.  Generally, moves are taken for the Shibashi 18 QiGong form, 5 Animal Frolic, 8 Piece Brocade and Meridian Qigong. In this format, all fitness/wellness levels can participate and benefit.

Where are these Classes?

Tuesdays 11am, Unity Moravian, 8300 Concord Church Road, Lewisville, NC.
Tuesdays at 3pm, Fairview Moravian Church, 6550 Silas Creek Parkway, Fellowship Hall- Lower Level.
Thursdays at 10am, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1416 Bolton Street, Winston Salem, NC, Fellowship Hall on the left.

Cost of all Tai Chi for Wellness Classes is $5

“Body in Motion stays in motion.” Newton’s Law of Inertia

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.” -Moshe Feldenkrais

Would you like Beth to bring this class to your workplace, wellness center or community center?  Contact Beth for more information.


The “Me-Time Club”

The “Me-Time” Club at Seamless Living is designed for you to create and have your “Me-Time” Plan.  The membership to the club entitles you to 90 minutes of coaching or bodywork each month.  It doesn’t role over from one month to the next, because it is imperative 😊.  It keeps you accountable or it costs you.  Simply put, you are worth, at bare minimum, 90 minutes each month for yourself.  I hope you will see that daily “Me-Time” has tremendous value.  By signing up for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in The “Me-Time” Club you are making a valuable commitment to yourself and you will see the fruits of that in your life.

Call or email me TODAY to join “Me-Time”.

Here are the details for The “Me-Time” Club:

  • One session: 60-minute Bodywork/Energywork Session and 30-minute Coaching Session (or add 30-minutes to your Bodywork)
  • Discount on additional sessions during the month
  • Preferred booking for workshops and classes
  • Text or email support, encouragement and guidance (if needed)
  • 3 month, 6 month or 12 month Club Membership
  • You create a contract with yourself for your commitment to “Me-Time”
  • Cancel at any time with 30-day notice
  • No Roll-overs
  • Cost $125/month

Join The “Me-Time” Club and contact me today! Beth@seamlesslivingNC.com

Consultation Appointments

Since I have a variety of services to support my clients in his/her personal development, I have added a consultation appointment to my list of offerings.  This is a 45-minute session that will be a discussion of client goals and personal assessment to determine the best action plan. The cost is $66 for the consultation.

Consultation Appointments are best scheduled for those clients that have never received therapeutic bodywork, Energy Work, Somatic Coaching, Mentoring or have health concerns that may have contraindications for hands on bodywork.  Best practice for for success in wellness is to create a plan. Contact Beth for more information.

Seamless Creativity

Beth shares healing in her art and poetry. People say they “Feel” the energy coming out of the art. She openly shares it in her treatment space, home and on her website as another way to offer healing to others. The painting is done on canvas or paper with texturizing and acrylic paint. She has also painted murals. You can find Beth’s art  for sale at Muddy Creek Café, 5455 Bethania Road, Winston-Salem, NC and Spring Garden Bakery & Coffeehouse, 1231 Eastchester Road, High Point, NC.  You can also contact view it here on the website and contact Beth to purchase.

Office Location

Beth’s Private Practice is located at 823 W. 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.  Now located on the 1st floor!

Beth Offers Massage Therapy, Bodywork, Energy Therapy/Reiki, Somatic Coaching and Wellness Coaching. She sees clients by appointment Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sessions are either 1-hour or 90-minutes.  Beth books sessions on the even hours from 10am-6pm.