“The Girl and The Shaman”

“The Girl” Acrylic on Paper 18×24

“The Girl and The Shaman” by Beth Blair

April 14, 2017

This painting hangs as a sentinel in my office.  She has been in my treatment spaces since January 15, 2016, when she emerged from the canvas as “Return to the Shaman.”  When I was painting this, I was working through a bunch of old stuff.  She was a surprise that literally took my breath with a gasp when I pulled the paint off the paper and saw her.  The name of the piece just came into my head, not as a thought, more as a declaration of where I was heading with my work and personal development and healing. Not only is this painting in my office space, but I have her as the wallpaper on my phone, so I carry her with me always.

I see “The Girl” sitting profile facing to the right, with a red bow on top of her head.  She is facing something that cannot be seen in the picture.  If I allow myself, I can see a Sage of a being, in blue, kissing her forehead.   I have sat with this painting many times and seen other messages show up as symbols, totems and stirring.  This is one way I personally use my art for myself.  She, and other paintings, invoke thoughts and reflections that help me process my journey.  As for what she brings to my office…I feel her radiating love and power.

The original name, “Return to the Shaman,” seems paradoxical.  To me a Shaman is a wise and spiritual teacher that has ventured into the Realms and Dimensions bringing knowledge and challenges to the person seeking a particular path. Shaman are guides and they are usually seasoned with age.  This painting is of a girl, probably no more than 8 years old…I find her to be the Shaman, she is returning herself…or is it me returning to the girl that is me? This girl challenges me to reflect on my innocence, my naiveté, my power, my fears and vulnerability.  She invites me to wonder, to dream, to play and to explore all those aspects of my SELF that I have hidden for so long.

What is interesting is how she continues to guide me.  I had planned to write and post this blog yesterday.  I delayed…ok, I procrastinated.  What I realize now is that I had to experience the session I had this morning with a client before I could put these words down.  I literally took this painting off the wall and showed it to my client.  We talked about childhood trauma and healing.  We used the girl to connect to our inner Shaman and expand healing from the inside out.  It was a powerful healing session for me and my client.

I find “The Girl” stoic and distant at times.  She is ever watching over my treatment space.  She is strong and soft, reminding me to show my softer side.  This is something that I rarely show outside of my treatment room.  The softer side of life is where I have experienced the most pain, rejection and disappointment.  The Blue Sage I see kissing her forehead is a reminder to me that there are those willing to gently come in and connect in such a deep way.  Trust is at the heart of it.  And this heart is at the center of this Divine Shaman that resides inside each of us.  This painting may be my inner Shaman, my inner girl, but we all have this powerful and gentle archetype in us.  It is what is driving us to the mystical, the Divine the magical, the true expression of Love.

I am not sure you, as the viewer, see the girl, the sage or the shaman…and that is perfectly ok.  What I do wonder is does this writing and this painting stir something in you?  Does it open your heart to yourself… just a little? It is my hope in sharing my art that I am sending a healing vibration out into this world.  Blessings and Peace.

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