Standing Tree

Trees have always been a love of mine.  I am fascinated by their majestic presence on our

Standing at the Tree of Life

“Standing at The Tree of Life” 18×24″ on paper (Private Collection)

planet.  They bring the breath of life to us.  They give shelter to many, provide food and teach us much about personal and spiritual development.  Standing next to a century oak or a gingko tree, sometimes I feel so small compared to all that happens here on Gaia.

This painting I am sharing in this blog was painted on paper back on November 13, 2015.  I was seeking (and continue to seek) understanding for so much in my spiritual life.  I was hungry for knowledge, wisdom, and a clue as to my purpose.  The tree was the first image that I saw taking up the left side of the page.

I feel the story emerge off the paper as it is written on my soul.  The journey of the girl seeking deep wisdom.  She stands naked and small, the figure in orange. By no means is she diminishing herself by recognizing her size before the great leviathan. I felt then and still feel the Divine presences of the Tree of Life.  The Love that radiates from this encounter holds the frequency of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein’s.

I wonder what the conversation sounds like?  What questions is she asking?  Her posture is receptive, as she is leaning in a bit.  When I soften my gaze on this painting I see much of the Energy, Beings and Mystics that I have encountered in my studies of Celtic Reiki.  My journey into the Realms of Celtic Reiki didn’t formally start until June of 2016.  Was this painting a clue to that? A map or premonition of my journey?  As I worked with my studies in Celtic Reiki I was tested to release rigid ideas I held about Energy, Oneness, and so much more.  I say “tested,” but it was, really, more of an invitation to explore my inner landscape, to discern the places I was limiting myself and allowing old patterns to keep me caged.  For those that have traversed the Realms of Celtic Reiki, you may have encountered this tree in the heart of the Woodland.  For those who have not, you can simply connect here with the image and follow where the Energy takes you.  Maybe it will guide you to Celtic Reiki? Maybe it will take you to a creative aspect of yourself? It may raise questions of purpose…of Oneness. Where ever it takes you, I wish you peace and blessings.  (If I can assist you, please contact me.)

I now see the girl stepping into the warming, radiant Energy of the Sun.  I see this as a friendly yellow face with a crown of leaves from the frame of the tree.  As I shift my perspective to the wonder of possibilities, my heart opens and I see the vastness of our existence…together with Source, The Divine, Oneness, You and Me.  As I heal myself, I am the girl…small and eager to learn…I am the Giving Tree…wise and loving …I am all the faces that emerge here.  What do you see of yourself here in the Heart of the Woods?

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