The “Me-Time” Imperative

The “Me-Time” Imperative

 “Self-care” is the latest and greatest buzz word that will soon lose its value, like “mindfulness” and “consciousness”.  People will stop hearing it, responding to the value of it and give it the “yay-yay I know” attitude. The word imperative is defined as “of vital importance, crucial” or “giving an authoritative command; peremptory. (according to Google).” Taking time for yourself to rest, refuel and nurture yourself is an imperative that feeds the body and soul. Taking time for yourself has always been good medicine.  In today’s cultural, political, socio-economic and global climate it is certainly more than good medicine to care for yourself first, it is peremptory for all of our well-beings. It is not selfish.  It is actually kind. I am calling it “Me-Time.”

What does my “Me-Time” look like?  I take time first thing in the morning, sitting quietly at the start of my day.  I might read, paint, meditate, move.  I vary my “Me-Time” in the activity, but I always start my day with ME. Now it is not imperative that you follow my way of “Me-Time”, but it is imperative that you have your “Me-Time.”  Other things I do that fall into my “Me-Time” plan is I take walks in the woods, get regular bodywork, maybe a pedicure (and I turn off my phone), having coaching sessions with my mentor and I rest.  I mentioned painting.  My creative spirit is part of who I am and it is part of my “Me-Time” plan. While my art is becoming something that I offer through my business, each piece is created in the sacred veil of “Me-Time”.

So, what are the benefits of a “Me-Time” Imperative?  I am putting on my oxygen mask first before I help others.  With a job that is focused on helping others, I make sure I am “fit” to care for others.  It is easy in our culture to think of caring for ourselves first is selfish.  I don’t know about you, I was told this growing up in many different places. It is simple, if I don’t take care of me…how can I help you?  In our current culture with all our technology, most of us never turn off.  We are in fight or flight pretty much all the time.  Taking time to reset, revive, and renew is crucial to healthy living.

Because I continue to help others and I want to get in front of self-care becoming passé. I am creating several things to support you in creating “Me-Time.” The first is The “Me-Time” Club at Seamless Living.  It is designed for you to create and have your “Me-Time” Plan.  The membership to the club entitles you to 90 minutes of coaching or bodywork each month.  It doesn’t role over from one month to the next, because it is imperative 😊.  It keeps you accountable or it costs you.  Simply put, you are worth, at bare minimum, 90 minutes each month for yourself.  I hope you will see that daily “Me-Time” has tremendous value.  By signing up for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months in The “Me-Time” Club you are making a valuable commitment to yourself and you will see the fruits of that in your life. Call or email me TODAY to join “Me-Time”.

Here are the details for The “Me-Time” Club:

  • One session: 60-minute Bodywork/Energywork Session and 30-minute Coaching Session (or add 30-minutes to your Bodywork)
  • Discount on additional sessions during the month
  • Preferred booking for workshops and classes
  • Text or email support, encouragement and guidance (if needed)
  • 3 month, 6 month or 12 month Club Membership
  • You create a contract with yourself for your commitment to “Me-Time”
  • Cancel at any time with 30-day notice
  • No Roll-overs
  • Cost $125/month

Join The “Me-Time” Club and contact me today!

The next “Me-Time” opportunity I am creating is 2 offerings of a NEW Workshop call “Me-Time Energy Therapy”.  I have been studying many energy modalities for more than 15 years.  As the saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense”.  To combat all the stimulus around us, we must find ourselves and the frequencies that are home to us.  Learning to align with basic energy practices for the Self can help each of us connect and heal the “ME” that we, individually, are!  These classes are the equivalent to a level one Reiki or Healing Touch Class.  The purpose is for you to treat yourself with “Me-Time” through your connection to subtle energy.  We will use meditation, movement and ceremonial alignments to foster your awakening to Energy that has always been around you.

Who should attend these classes?

  • Individuals seeking to take better care of themselves
  • Those curious about learning Energy Therapies but aren’t ready to commit to one modality of study.
  • The empathic healer needing the reminder to care for your “ME” first before helping others.

Class Dates and times:

Sunday, April 23rd 11am-4pm

Saturday, April 29th 10am-3pm.

Cost: $55/person registration and payment due in advance

Location: Private residence (to be given after registration)



My Seamless-LY Monthly Workshop can be “Me-Time”.  This Month’s session is March 21st at 7pm.  We will be using Movement as the Theme of the evening.  More details listed under the Events and Classes. Click Here


I will be sharing more “Me-Time” offerings soon.  Blessings on your journey and if I can assist you with it, please contact me.