Celtic Reiki


The Lost Language of My Soul, Celtic Reiki

January 12, 2017
Beth Blair

I have studied Energy Therapy and Healing for the better part of 15 years. It was a journey I embarked on for my own healing of chronic back pain, which was not getting any relief with conventional medicine. The path to healing lead me to acupuncture, which helped with the pain but still had me seeking something else.  I realize, with the rear-view gaze, that my back pain was instrumental in leading me to the vocation I love so much, Energy Therapy!

For several years, I was a collector of sorts. Studying and enrolling in classes for Healing Touch, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki.  I embraced the Energywork and was taught much yet,  something was still missing for me. I was speaking the language, but not the right dialect. I understood it, but not enough. I happened upon Celtic Reiki after a conversation with a friend, who has also studied Reiki for years.  She mentioned a symbol that I didn’t know.  I went in search of the symbol and landed on a webpage that just mentioned Celtic Reiki, in a list. Reading the word “Celtic Reiki”, I felt I had come home.

Being the pragmatic person that I am, after spending a bunch of time studying various forms of Reiki, I took this study of Celtic Reiki a bit slower. I enrolled in the introductory level, Foundation Mastery. I have to be honest, I didn’t think the home study experience was going to engage me enough, be tactile enough or even be mystical and energetic enough to keep me in it for the long haul. Boy, was I WRONG!!! You see, Celtic Reiki is not something you study in a weekend workshop, like I had done with all the other modalities I had already amassed. It was a commitment of 28 weeks! And that is just to be able to use it with clients. Add another 10 weeks to that, if I want to teach it! And yes, I want to teach it. It was practice sessions, lessons, conversations in the community, working with your mentor and reading, watching and listening from a vast library of the teaching of Martyn Pentecost.

So, as I put my toe in to the Foundation Mastery level, I opened the Pandora’s Box to myself, my soul, Energy and Oneness. I was embraced in a community with a mentor who guided me without telling me what to do. I was frustrated with the study, challenged and hungry to move through this process of self-discovery. You see I was learning about myself in a very rich way, in a language that spoke so deeply inside there aren’t words.  I was astounded by the level of healing I experienced from old traumas I thought I had dealt with, managed and cured! I looked into my shadow side for the first time with love and appreciation. I recognized the value of fallen and broken relationships, the messages, the connections. I saw the beacon of light guiding me to Oneness.

This study of Celtic Reiki gave me an encyclopedia of tools (literally) and gave me permission to grow the practice of Celtic Reiki with my own exploration, development of practices and teaching methods. Martyn Pentecost shares his exploration into the labyrinth of Ki, Nearth, Energy and Healing through the development of Celtic Reiki and other offerings, as a way of service to the world’s healing. Celtic Reiki is in part the study of Universal Life Force or Energy and it is a Multiverse of languages that make connecting to many possible, because of Oneness. The vision I hold in my head is being in a place where everyone and everything is talking/speaking at the same time and I can understand it all on a heart level. This experience has taken me deep inside the caverns of myself, my subconscious, my soul and it has opened my eyes to the illusion that our world creates of separation. How many ways can we cut the pie? How many labels can we adorn on people, places, races, cultures, practices, etc. When reality is whispering…we are all ONE. As I heal myself, I can help others heal. As I learn to see, I can guide others. I am grateful and still exploring the Realms of Celtic Reiki. I have much to learn and it is already known at the same time.

I have added Celtic Reiki to my practice as a service.  So, what does that mean? Celtic Reiki as a treatment session is a way to connect to perspectives of Ki (Energy). If you have experienced other forms of Reiki, such
as Usui Reiki or Karuna Reiki what will be similar is light touch on or off the body. You, as the client, may feel deep relaxation and stress reduction. What Celtic Reiki also offers is a rich dialogue, intuitive guidance, mentoring with the use of the Encyclopedia of Essences and so much more. I also incorporate it into Bodywork and Coaching sessions. Celtic Reiki is a rich blend of Ancient Lore, Celtic Tradition, Universal Life Force and modern experience. Contact me for more information or to Schedule a Celtic Reiki Session. Beth@seamelsslivingNC.com