Ode to 2016

Ode to 2016

December 29, 2016


As this year comes to an end I have to say, I am tired of people bitching about how 2016 has sucked. How it has taken the lives of so many great celebrities. How it is time we break up 2016. Yes, there are things that have happened this year that seem bleak, sad, and overwhelming to some or even many.  I would venture to say that 2016 has been a good year to those born this year, or got married this year, or promoted, or followed a dream and it was successful, or fell in love or graduated college or recovered from an illness…get my point.  Energy goes where our thoughts go…so you can continue having “the life that SUCKS” attitude…or you can put on your big girl/boy pants and get over yourselves!

It is sad when we lose icons like David Bowe, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds. They came into our lives virtually through movies, TV, music. Most of us didn’t know them personally, what they were living with and  yet we want to mourn them as if we did.  According to a quick google search, 305,621 people have died this year to obesity in the US! 93,130 to Alzhiemers! 33,610 to drunk driving (and New Year’s Eve is not even here yet!).  Are we mourning these people??? Someone is! There is also, a real time counter of births currently (and it is increasing by the second), there are 142,498,000+ births year- to-date for 2016. I would think that may bring joy to a few people.

One way to interpret 2016 is through Numerology.  This year, 2016, is a year of endings.  My practice, as the last days of 2016 tick away, is to clean house! Get rid of extra junk, finish projects, reflect on what is completing in my life. 2017 is a year of beginning, based on Numerology. Without jumping the resolution treadmill, I am focusing on what dreams I want to bring to life, projects and plans, trips and connections with friends.  Get the picture?  Where is my energy going? My thoughts?  How do I want to shift my practices, my living and my experiencing?  How do you?

So, going into these last few days of 2016…I have a great deal to do!  I am unplugging from social media for the remainder of the year to get stuff done!  I will be connecting to people organically! In Person! As the song goes (that just popped into my head)…” If you want me, You can find me, Left of center, Off of the strip, In the outskirts, In the fringes, In the corner, Out of the grip…(Suzanne Vega – Left Of Center Lyrics)”. Peace to each of you as you complete 2016, find a corner of joy from it! Blessings to you on 2017, may your dreams be big and your heart be bigger!