“Put Me In Coach…”

I am not a big baseball fan, but I do know who is playing in the World Series this year, Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. I imagine that the coach plays a big role for the members of these teams, and they don’t play the game for the players. Outside of sports, coaching is a valuable way to take care of yourself, grow your business, launch a new idea or make other changes in your life.  There are many kinds of coaches – Life Coach, Health Coach, Business Coach, Somatic Coach, Spiritual Coach…to name a few, with many ways to coach.

I was reflecting on the idea of coaching and what my offer is in my practice.  The song “Centerfield” by John Fogerty came to mind and seemed appropriate for this time of year .  The thing about using coaching in self-development is you have to be ready to play!  As the song says, “Put me in coach, I am ready to play Today.”  What is interesting in the world of Wellness is that most people come to bodyworkers, wellness practitioners and coaches in a very passive role. The client, expecting immediate results, percieves that the practitioner is to DO something to or for  him/her.  While the practitioner does interact with the client in all these professions, the truth is it is the client that does most of the work.  From a massage prospective, it is the body that receives the touch and relaxes, releasing the healing hormones and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system. As a massage therapist, I cannot make my client do any of that.  What I can do is invite healing and relaxation through the depth of pressure, the speed of the stroke, the energy of the intention and my guiding the client through voiced suggestions. It is a conversation.

I am a Somatic Coach, Wellness Coach  and Personal Trainer.  My Coach approach is all encompassing through my SEAMLESS acronym – Somatic, Energy Awareness, Meaningful Living, Engaging Senses and Spirit. So how do I define COACHING? It is Compassion, Objectivity, Accountability, Challenging, Healing, Intuitive, Neutral, and Grounding. I meet my clients where they are at any given moment.  This is the neutral part.  I cannot have an agenda to “fix” or “mange” my client’s life, dreams, healing or goals.  What I do offer is listening with compassion, being objective, guiding the discussion with challenging questions.  Healing comes through the dialog, the action steps and accountability. Intuitive information is shared not from the perspective of “I know this to be true”, but from inquiry of “is this a possibility?” The client decides, determines the readiness for change and the action steps to take. Coaching has to be a trusting relationship that offers honest feedback, mirroring, grounding and support.  It takes courage to enter into a coaching relationship.

I dare say, all good coaches have at lease one coach.  We do not live a static life and we all face changes. Without my coach, I would not be where I am today in my professional practice and personal development.  In this relationship, I can trust that what I share is confidential, support is offered without judgment and I am held accountable for what progress I chose to make or not.  Coaching is not a “silver bullet”, a one shot deal.  Coaching is a process, a relationship and a supportive tool for success and growth.

Are you ready to play? If so, find a coach, ask for a consultation to learn the coaching style, pick one idea to focus on and place yourself in Center field of your own life.