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   Seamless Living:

Practices and self-care tools that connect you with your inner compass to navigate life.


 Defining SEAMLESS


Somatic NC Sky

Defined as of the body, affecting the body or relating to the body. My somatic work is all centered around helping others come to their individual felt experience. Our bodies are our vehicle on this earth.  How we use them to navigate our reality is vital to a meaningful living.  I use bodywork, aromatherapy, movement practices, breath work and other practices to engage in this felt experience we call life.


Energy Awareness

Energy is life force, Chi, Ki, Prana. It is also our perceived expendable resources.  It can be our “knowing” or intuition.  I use various Energy Healing practices in my work to assist my clients in becoming aware of their felt experience, vision, mission, dreams and purpose.  Energy can be a container to aid in the growth and exploration of our meaningful living.  It also is an expression of our senses and connects with Spirit.

We cannot change what we are doing until we know what we are doing. Awareness is more than just knowing. It is consciousness.  Making conscious choices, movements, and thoughts.  It is vital to creating a meaningful or meaning –filled life.  Working as an observer, I coach my clients on what I see in their body and energy.  I mirror back what is spoken.  They can then bring it into awareness.


Meaningful Living

What is vital (What I Love, What I Want, What I Am) to a person creates or defines meaning. Where thoughts go energy flows.  The exploration of meaningful living will help define and navigate a journey. I coach my clients to embrace what is important to them as an individual, as a somatic and energetic being with purpose.  This can be a deep part of what invokes change in a person’s life.  This is the place to explore your own personal “for the sake of”.  It is very powerful and sacred work to connect with purpose and meaning, then bring it forward into your reality.


Engaging Senses and Spirit

Living is experiential. We do not do it in isolation.  Engaging your senses, connecting to your Higher Power, your True Self can and will free patterns in the body, mind and spirit.  Healing happens from the inside out, through experiences.  I work with my clients through touch of bodywork, through aromatherapy, through movement of somatics, through awareness of energy and experiential exercises that all engage the senses and spirit.


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